Team Retreat

What do you get when you cram 20+ women in a beach house for a weekend? (No, this is not the opener for The Real World. Which we were secretly on.) You get a whole lot of camaraderie, laughs, and fun memories. What you DON’T get is a lot of sleep.

We wanted to start out 2014 with a strong team bond, and a trip to Netarts on the Oregon Coast was just the way to achieve it. Drinks were flowing, food was plentiful, and for two nights we listened to the stormy coastal winds slamming the house.
The weather only slowed us down a little bit. During low tide we went out digging for clams, which was much harder than many of us had anticipated. Our biggest team-building experience came when all 20+ of us had to make two batches of chowder together (one with clams, one without)…while we kept our clam-allergic teammate alive and well! We divided into teams with specific directions. Some teams prepped, while others added ingredients at certain stages of cooking. In the end we had a fabulous meal.
Many of us also took the tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory and loaded up on cheese and ice cream before heading back to the house. It was great to spend time with everyone off the boat, though we’re all anxious to start paddling in February.

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