Paddles Up!

It’s 2014 and our season is finally underway! We officially started in February, but, thanks to the unprecedented snow and ice storm that shut down the city for days, we missed several practices.

Portland doesn’t typically get snow that sticks around and accumulates. That, coupled with freezing rain, did a number on the roads, shut down the Max lines, slowed buses to a crawl, and shut down businesses. The eventual snow melt delayed practices even further, as the river started flowing fast and high. DragonSports cancelled the next several days of practices due to safety concerns. Now here we are, almost two weeks into March, and it’s feeling like spring!
This season brings with it some exciting new changes. After years of dedicated service on the RCP board, Dinah, Beth, and Michelle have stepped down. A vote at our team retreat in January decided our 2014 board!
  • Angel | Manager
  • Ami | Secretary
  • Lynne | Finance Manager
  • Emily & Eliza | Fundraising Co-chairs
  • Cathy & Laura | Recruiting Co-chairs
Bored Meeting?
We are also excited to welcome many new faces to our boat. Thank you, ladies! It’s going to be a great season.

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