Race Day – Vancouver, WA 2015


This past Memorial Day weekend we participated in the Paddle for Life dragon boat races, a festival to benefit the Disabled Veterans Water Sports Program at Vancouver Lake. Up until two days before the race, we thought we were participating in the 250 meter races, and we had been training accordingly. In fact, up until the day before the race, we hadn’t practiced a single 500 meter race. Imagine our surprise when the schedule put us in the 500 meter race!


In typical RCP fashion, we took it in stride and pulled together as a team. All said and done, we had a fantastic day and we made HUGE improvements over each race. To top it all off, we put together two ten-paddler boats for the 2000 meter Gladiator race at the end of the day. Hats off to our brave new paddlers who took on this race.

Our race results:

Heat 6

  • RCP – 2:51.31
  • Golden Dragons – 2:39.43
  • Wasabi Force – 2:31.85

Heat 15

  • RCP – 2:44.82
  • Golden Dragons – 2:37.28
  • Wasabi Force – 2:30.33

Heat 25

  • RCP – 2:49.25
  • Golden Dragons – 2:42.24
  • Wasabi Force – 2:37.03

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