Race Day – Vancouver, WA 2015


This past Memorial Day weekend we participated in the Paddle for Life dragon boat races, a festival to benefit┬áthe Disabled Veterans Water Sports Program at Vancouver Lake. Up until two days before the race, we thought we were participating in the 250 meter races, and we had been training accordingly. In fact, up until the day before the race, we hadn’t practiced a single 500 meter race. Imagine our surprise when the schedule put us in the 500 meter race! Continue reading


Race Day – Olympia, WA 2015


What a way to kick off our 2015 racing season. The St. Martin’s University Dragon Boat Festival in Olympia, WA was a new endeavor for us. This festival is early in the season, earlier than we usually race. It is short 250 meter racing. Sprints, really, and not what we usually train for. Coach Beth called her first race. Betsy tilled her first race. A plethora of new paddlers experienced their first rush of race adrenaline. RCP is embracing change in 2015. Continue reading