2019 Practice Schedule
Monday/ Wednesday 6:15-7:45 pm & Saturday 8:45-10:15 am
RCP practices three days a week, two weeknight evening practices, and Saturday mornings.   We use TeamSnap to manage our roster and view paddlers’ availability.
Preparing for Practice
RCP practices in any weather that Portland throws our way. The key is to dress appropriately. Spring practices usually mean cooler temperatures and rain. Lightweight, waterproof pants and jackets are recommended, as are sneakers or waterproof shoes. Many paddlers wear hats and watersport gloves. Dress in layers, because you may find yourself sweating uncomfortably once practice is underway. Summer and early fall practices can be hot and just about anything you’d wear for summer activity is appropriate for paddling, including sandals.
Always bring water! Paddling is hard work and you’ll want to keep hydrated.
Parking and Meeting Locations
RCP meets outside of the Riverplace Hotel at the circle of flagpoles before practice. Many paddlers use the pay by the hour parking lot (across from Mercedes-Benz) on Naito Pkwy or find street parking in the vicinity. Some paddlers choose to park for free on the east side of the river near the Eastbank Esplanade and walk across the Hawthorne Bridge toward the marina. Wherever you choose to park, please take into account walking time in order to make it to practice on time.